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"Sydney’s Rhyece O’Neil is somewhat of a renaissance man. He’s published one novel and is about to publish a second alongside a volume of his poetry but has also come to the attention of 2SER in many musical guises. The first was Western Synthetics, an electronic music project that throbbed hard to make any room shudder with its dub-heavy production and Kraftwerk-like precision. He then traded his tools up to form Greta Mob, a rock outfit that sat somewhere between the Birthday Party and the Beasts of Bourbon with a scabrous sense of the literary and swagger to burn. Now he’s gone solo with the first release under his own name, Ubermensch Blues. Drawing from a similar lineage to Greta Mob, O’Neil amps up with a particularly bruising kind of barroom blues, rumbling forth with strings and piano to put a theatrical tilt on his songs and a damn righteous presence overall on proceedings."

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