I have been producing and mixing records all over the world for the past 15 years.

I cut my teeth as a producer in the underground beats and electronica scene in Sydney in the early 2000’s. Starting out on a second hand PC laptop with a bunch of cracked software I taught myself how to produce and record music. I tested my productions and mixes on the sound systems that I DJ’d on at parties at clubs and illegal warehouses. Those early days of Dubstep were a very exiting time with a DIY and Punk ethic. Everyone seemed to work together and learn from each other. I had great producers like Mark Prichard and Sofie Loizou to critique my mixes and productions. These productions came under the Westernsynthetics name and eventually took me to Europe where I toured and played clubs and festivals, most notably the Outlook festival in Croatia and various clubs in Germany. Back home I played Pyramid Rock, Folk Rhythm and Life festivals and was a resident for the legendary Void parties, supporting artists like Benga, Scuba, 2562, Mark Pritchard and others. Void was one of the first Dubstep clubs in Australia before it became the mainstream rubbish we know it as today. Dissilusioned with performing to crowds in front of a laptop and a bunch of guitar pedals I started a Blues Punk band called Greta Mob in Berlin, where we recorded our first album.

Upon returning back to Sydney I set up a studio downstairs from the Megaphon studios in St Peters in the inner west primarily to work on the Greta Mob and Westernsynthetics projects.

In that time I started recording and mixing various artists and bands experimenting with unorthodox recording techniques like micing up the concrete fire escape hallway and stairs and pumping sound down it to create a natural echo chamber or reverb unit. I worked a lot in construction at this time and I would bring home junk and steel to record as percussion. Greta Mob ended up supporting The Beasts of Bourbon, Kim Salmon, Spencer P. Jones, The Brian Jonestown Massacre Hanni El Khatib, White Denim, Wolf & Cub and many others.

For a while I worked for SonyBMG, Warner and Soundbuzz in digital distribution. 

I have lectured on production and Sound Engineering at SAE & NMIT.

I have always kept my studio 100% portable as I get bored recording in the same space all the time. 

I have recorded in shearing sheds in western NSW, abandoned farm homesteads in the desert, log cabins deep in the hills of South Gippsland and northern NSW, underground carparks and beachside shacks. I work as a songwriter and arranger if one desires a more hands on producer to help polish up your songs - I can play that role otherwise I can function as the guy to plug in the mics and capture the band and play no role at all in helping with arrangements. I usually end up somewhere in between on most projects. Its up to you.


Currently I operate out of an old Bungalow at my house in Clifton Hill that I renovated and soundproofed with materials that I acquired and salvaged from building site skip bins that were destined for the tip. The walls are combination of timber from pallets found at the back of warehouses in Richmond and Collingwood and felt cladding reused from a office space in Bourke St.

Everything is 100% recycled even the screws and fixings were rescued from the tip. Working as a construction labourer on commercial building sites I became disgusted at the level of waste that goes in to modern construction practices, so much goes in to land fill and our waterways. All up the studio cost me under $200 dollars to build. A carpenter would charge charge to 10K for labour and materials to do this job. DIY or die!


I have a range of microphones, ribbons, tube condensers and dynamics. Vintage fender amps, decent monitors, NS10’s and VXT6’s Harrison & Focusrite pre amps, UAD plugins etc.

I don’t have 200k worth of gear lying around but I do have the tools and experience to make world class sounding records at DIY rates. Using really expensive high end equipment is great but I don’t need it to make great sounding albums. If we decide we need to work in a bigger studio with more gear I do that all the time and finish off the overdubs at my studio to save money.

If you do an album with me i’ll charge you the same as what id get pushing a barrow on a building site. 

Making records keeps me off the building site and I get to start work at 10am instead of 5!


For a more detailed look at my approach to making records I made a kind of Anarchist Cookbook for making albums as part of a talk I was commissioned to give at SAE Byron Bay. Have a read here


My services include:

Mixng services

Tailored Album, EP & Single production

Film Soundtracks

Overdub sessions

Mobile recording sessions

Graphic Design (Album, Poster art)

Lessons; Guitar, Songwriting, Protools, Logic, Ableton & Reason


Recording with Jack Howard (Hunters & Collectors, Midnight Oil)

A makeshift studio on the road in Berlin




CIRCA 2007